THE LAST COLUMNIST is owned and operated by a freelance journalist born, raised and educated in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with rare insight on geopolitical events.

The owner holds a registered trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, recognizing THE LAST COLUMNIST as a custom writing service and operates thanks to the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Although THE LAST COLUMNIST specializes in geopolitical, environmental and wildlife conservation analysis, and ghost writes for several international underground anti-Chinese Communist Party publications, its literary versatility is not limited to those themes. The owner also writes under his family name for legitimate newspapers in Michigan, reporting objectively on scientific research, education, geopolitics, law and environmental/wildlife conservation issues.

But as THE LAST COLUMNIST, the owner examines and compiles information to present a comprehensive and extremely controversial analysis of geopolitical events to explain why all events, no matter how insignificant in appearance, occur due to the actions, or backing, of only two countries performing the age-old art of “aggression vs. containment” in regards to national security and business interests.

OPERATOR’S DISCLAIMER: While reading commentary above the moniker “B52″ and under the United States registered trademark “THE LAST COLUMNIST,” please remember all material exists for discussion purposes only. Geopolitical analysis is presented based on international email correspondences and meetings with political dissidents, as well as the examination and interpretation of news reports from other sources, including, but not limited to, conventional news organizations such as BBC News (British Broadcasting Corp.), the New York Times, Detroit Free Press, FOX News, CNN, hearsay and advanced remote-viewing techniques. Commentary found within THE LAST COLUMNIST doesn’t necessarily represent the views of the owner; It merely presents human debate regarding alternative explanations and theories for cataclysmic geopolitical events.

The operator provides commentary suggesting why humans do what they do to further their national interest or personal cause. In doing so, it hopes to add discussion and reveal truths not reported in conventional news broadcasts manipulated by world governments. THE LAST COLUMNIST believes in, respects, and celebrates the fundamental human right of free speech and the free exchange of thought; Space is provided for everyone worldwide to freely comment on geopolitical events affecting the current human condition.


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