Chinese Communists kidnapping children to sell for adoption

These brainwashed children of Genocide Incorporated pay homage to the Master of Human Degradation and Destruction

Sept. 26– When systematic genocide isn’t as profitable, the notorious Chinese Communist Party kidnaps and sells Chinese babies on world adoption markets.

Many adoptive parents in the United States have concern for the true circumstances surrounding the adoption process regarding Chinese children now a part of their American families.

Chinese adoption agencies tell prospective American parents the babies became orphans under tragic circumstances. Evidence has revealed most often these children are systematically stolen from parents deemed “economically or socially unworthy” to raise children, as they will be a burden on communist society.


Who decides what makes a good parent? Who is safe under the iron fist of a totalitarian communist regime? The gift of life and parental rights mean nothing to the Chinese Communist Party, as members act like “human ranchers” with the authority to rustle up human babies and send their commodity to market.

[According to a published report in The New York Times, the Chinese Communist Party is selling China's children through adoption agencies, especially in the United States, under the premise that the adoptive children lost their parents due to tragedy. Please go the New York Times link to read the full, in-depth story.]

These scandalous revelations found in the NYT article prove the Chinese Communist Party considers humans a commodity like cattle. Chinese Communist Party authorities have authorized and orchestrated the plundering of their human population for profit.

This is the same political party that railroads adult citizens through corrupt judicial systems loyal to CCP officials. These citizens, deemed “political criminals,” face executions timed to fill “legal” organ transplant quotas for the world’s transplant market. Sometimes the quotas are on the black market, and other times to coincide with medical needs of CCP officials and family members.

If a “Party” member has a certain blood type and needs an organ transplant, the CCP finds a prisoner who matches and holds the execution prior to the required surgery.

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