Last Javan Rhino in Vietnam extinct, killed by poachers

Last Javan Rhino in Vietnam

Oct. 2011– With fewer than 50 left in the wild, researchers believe this endangered species of Rhino only exists in a small section of the Indonesian island of Java.

In late October 2011, BBC News reported poachers killed the last one in Vietnam to supply the black market “medicine” market in Asia. This lone Javan Rhino roaming around in Vietnam, studied by conservation groups, was found dead with its horn removed.

The politics of extinction is a scandalous and profitable business, ladies and gentlemen, as corrupt governments worldwide use the threat of extinction to secure international funding for conservation, while at the same time allowing activities that contribute to extinction in order to fuel local economies.

The ecological consequences of destroying the balance of nature has a domino effect and is a testament to human greed and disrespect.

THE LAST COLUMNIST will add commentary in the next few days. Please visit this link to the BBC News website for more Rhino information.

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