North Korea’s nuclear and food aid propaganda program

Mar. 2– The “nuclear moratorium” for food agreement made between North Korea and the U.S. is one sided.

N. Korea currently lacks nuclear capability.

This humanitarian gesture is admirable, as N. Korea’s population starves to death, but North Korea’s  Kim Jong-un follows in his genocidal father’s blood-stained footsteps by propagandizing food aid to reinforce his illegitimate reign over Hell on Earth.

As the U.S. once again props up this communist regime with food for millions of starving North Koreans, the world must remember why the North’s new leader made this deal in exchange for a “nuclear test moratorium.”

Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, used American food aid and visits by U.S. officials as a propaganda weapon.

To further the impact of this communist regime’s personality cult, the late Kim Jong-il used Western aid to instill the importance and God-like stature of North Korea’s “Dear Leader” on the brainwashed North Korean population.

In the late 1990s, Kim Jong-il brokered a massive U.S. shipment of food aid in exchange for “dismantling” his nuclear weapons program.

His media propaganda machine told North Korea’s brainwashed population that the U.S. sends food and other goods to pay tribute to North Korea’s “Dear Leader,” so he won’t wage war against the West.

Kim Jong-il used this propaganda technique so North Koreans would have a reverential fear of him. The people believed the “great and powerful” Kim Dynasty is the only thing protecting them from the onslaught of Western military force.

Kim Jong-il’s son Kim Jong-un, dubbed the “Brilliant Comrade,” intends to use food shipments by the U.S. to weave the same web of lies to solidify his grip on power.

Hollow deal: N. Korea lacks current capability to conduct nuclear tests/arms build-up

[The "nuclear moratorium" in exchange for food between North Korea and the U.S. is one sided, because North Korea currently lacks nuclear enrichment capability.]

Some geopolitical analysts suspect North Korean nuclear scientists have run into technical problems at their Yongbyon nuclear facility, possibly because the C.I.A. has infiltrated the reactor system.

Other reasons could be as simple as the North Korean scientists are just experiencing problems beyond their technological expertise, or technicians need time to study the results of past tests.

In the 1980s, the Soviet Union used the same “nuclear test moratorium” propaganda ploy. After conducting several back-to-back tests, the Soviets told the world they would stop testing if the U.S. stopped.

The U.S. had several tests scheduled, and the Soviets needed time to study data acquired from past tests so they claimed the U.S., more specifically President Reagan, didn’t want to stop its nuclear program.

President Reagan explained the Soviet’s propaganda ploy to the world, and the U.S. continued nuclear tests.

N. Korea’s past propaganda ploys: Clinton, Albright and a Michael Jordan basketball

In the late 1990s, Kim Jong-il used visits by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright as a propaganda weapon.

To broker the failed U.S. food aid in exchange for stopping North Korea’s nuclear program, President Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeline Albright arrived in the capital of Pyongyang with a basketball signed by NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Leading up to the visit, N. Korea’s newspapers and television news broadcasts made sure everyone in the country understood Michael Jordan’s fame. News of the gift exchange ran for weeks on end to show how the West brings gifts to pay homage to the “Dear Leader.”

Jong-il used the event to increase his stature in the country but never stopped developing his nuclear program.

When North Korea detained two of Al Gore’s incompetent “journalists” a few years ago, former President Clinton traveled to North Korea to secure their release during President George W. Bush’s presidency.

Jong-il used Clinton’s visit for a non-stop propaganda photo opportunity with the North Korean ruling family, to secure the line of succession. By exploiting Clinton’s visit, Jong-il told his brainwashed people how American presidents paid homage to the Kim family and the next-in-line to sit on Pyongyang’s throne (toilet).

In the end…

The U.S. will save millions of starving people as usual by spending billions of dollars to send food to China’s satellite state of N. Korea, and the North’s nuclear program will continue.

But China will finally grow tired of dealing with its illegitimate child named “North Korea,” a dead country adopted during the Cold War that still holds on to Beijing’s apron strings.

China will make a deal with the United States allowing for a reunification of North and South Korea, using Seoul as the administrative seat for the former North Korea, as long as U.S. military forces agree to never go north of the 38th Parallel.

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