ECOLOGY REPORT: Global Warming– Human Activity or Laws of Physics?


January 2010, Insignificant Corner of a Galaxy– Leaders from around the world finished a conference on climate change last December 2009. Who is so arrogant to think that they, mere mortals, can make Geologic Time stand still? They are the politicians and scientists that gather through their mutual admiration societies; under the cover of International Conferences. They invite themselves to conference’s and award ceremonies to redundantly converse and give awards to one another as if being recognized for great achievements by a Higher Power.

Yes the climate conditions on Earth are changing along with where the land and water mass will be distributed in the future. Don’t listen to the people that want you to give them money as if something can be done about it. You only fund ridiculous theory and futile research at great expense to the people. The laws of physics concerning an ever expanding Universe are the cause of our climate change. Orbital and climate patterns evolve without taxable Scientific explanation, which absolutely kills these people. Nothing can be done to alter the effects of a living planet in perpetual motion.

It is ridiculous to think that our meager Industrial activity for the last hundred years has had such a catastrophic effect on Earth, and is beyond belief to this humble Purveyor of Thought. How arrogant can people be to think that our short time on Earth’s surface has been that destructive. Most of it isn’t arrogance in the end; it is scare mongering by scientists that know we are at the beginning of a geologic change of the Earth’s surface. They want more research money even though they know nothing can stop the geologic changes taking place. Nothing can be done about the situation no matter what changes are made to the industrialized world. People have to face the fact that in a thousand years one of the polar ice caps might be anchored to the top of the island of Jakarta. The rugged north woods of the American Midwest and Canada’s Boreal Forest might be the Great Oil Deposits of somebody’s 45th Century, buried under 2 miles of sand, snow or salt water.

You can’t fight the Laws of Physics when it comes to an ever expanding Universe. The Earth rotates on its Axis at 23 1/2 degrees while revolving, from gravitational pull, around an exploding energy source known as The Sun. In the world of physics these are really variables, not constants as once believed my friends. The original space trajectory and centrifugal force of spinning planets being held in place by a central Sun cannot stay the same for eternity. If our Galaxy doesn’t exhibit any properties of stagnation, why should our climate? The slow Geologic and Galactic movement of Earth through time isn’t noticeable to most Human Beings witnessing history. We are actually fortunate if we are witnesses to the change. That is why I believe the United States needs to lead the way in Post Climate Change research. You can’t stop what is really happening here, so we have to learn how to adapt for ourselves and our descendants.

Oil spill in the Arctic

Photo from c/o A.P.

It has been proven that the Sun pulsates at certain times. The pulsating means it doesn’t retain the same constant shape or expenditure of energy. Many theories are on based on the Sun constantly remaining round; from Albert Einstein, etc. Our problem is Planetary, we have to adapt to living through it. We are living our lives during the tail end of a Geologic weather pattern based on a changing orbit within epic time periods. As Time is studied in the layers of The Grand Canyon; our layer in time will be studied in 15,000 years.

You can’t stop the elements of Time, some people can’t face that, or they have found a way to scam money off of the subject. The Scientist’s livelihood relies on Government’s sending tax money their way for research on Global Warming. Scientists and their Lobbyist’s try to persuade people to fund Green Research based on what their jobs are in the Scientific Community. The change in climate is a real threat to our current situation on Earth, but you can’t change what is about to happen by spending trillions of dollars on a joke. The money should be spent on trying to figure where the new high land will be after the water freezes somewhere else on Earth.

The Earth is in continuous motion; with climate patterns that will follow the formation of new Poles and a new Equatorial belt. If land that exists on the surface of present day Earth doesn’t belong there in 5,000 years, we are about to find out. The Antarctic land mass that anchors our southern Ice Cap might be an Equatorial Tropical Rainforest 5,000 years from now Ladies and Gentlemen.

The conference in Copenhagen, Denmark was a convention of snake oil dealers from around the world. Instead of riding into the center of town by horse and wagon, they flew in sitting First Class in Jumbo Jets paid for by every poor tax payer on Earth. They flew in to spend our money and tell us how wasteful and stupid we are my friends. They overlooked one thing- international ignorance isn’t as prevalent as once thought. The People have found out it’s nothing but a 3rd rate traveling sideshow perpetrated by a group of ‘Green Technology Stockholders’, and all that it implies. Our Environment is indeed being destroyed by Human activity, but the climate is changing from something explained by the fundamental Laws of Physics.

You have to brace yourself for a new World if you are young. You might have a chance to witness an abrupt change if you are as fortunate as I hope to be my friend’s. Nothing can stop Earth from changing due to passage of geologic time. Just be careful about what your tax money is used for my fellow Americans. Spend research money on satellite surveys to determine where the new borders of the United States of America will be after these Geologic changes take place. I wish I could live to the ripe old age of 500 so I can witness as much as possible. Global climate shifting and new land borders; we have to adapt to the changing environment.

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