China colonizes Brazil

JUNE 2011: The Chinese Communist Party stepped up its economic colonization of Brazil, after Brazilian farm owners refused CCP attempts to purchase one million acres of farmland to territorial colonize the South American country.

In retaliation, the CCP made loans to trap cash-poor Brazilian farmers.

The farmers can’t earn enough to pay back the loans, because the Chinese Communist Party manipulates commodities markets to keep food prices low. This turns Brazilian farmers into indentured servants on their own land.

Such actions allow the Chinese Communist Party to have permanent access to Brazil’s food production.

How much will the Chinese Communists leave for Brazil’s population to eat? This type of colonization will make Brazil dependent on Chinese Communist Party rule, as the Party decides how much food the population of Brazil deserves on a monthly basis.

Read more about the Chinese Communist Party’s devious policy for enslaving Brazil and the entire South American population– through economic neo-colonialism– in The New York Times.

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