China’s colonization of Africa: Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe…

JULY 13: The Chinese Communist Party has annexed the African continent.

This update includes information and news links concerning the CCP interfering in the internal affairs of Zambia by trying to influence presidential elections in the southern African country, as reported by BBC News. Please read the report by BBC for a full account, as THE LAST COLUMNIST doesn’t care to merely paraphrase a news agency’s report.

The CCP is taking over the Zambian currency and mining activities after manipulating world commodities markets to discourage Western business interests from operating in Zambia.

SEPT. 25 UPDATE: Chinese Communist Party fails to prop up their dictator, after challenger beats the CCP-backed incumbent. Please visit BBC News for election news.

In Angola, Chinese workers have colonized the region and perform high-paying jobs once promised to Angolans in order to guarantee new trade deals between Beijing, China, and Luanda– the capital of Angola.

Transference of oil and mineral profits to Beijing breeds poverty and genocidal policies by local officials, acting under orders from the Chinese Communist Party. It started in Sudan (Darfur) and Somalia.

Displaced (and highly-educated) Angolans fight to secure low-paying jobs in their homeland where they become subservient to the Chinese population colonizing Africa.

According to BBC News, Angolans have yet to see any revenue from the billions of dollars worth of oil stolen from their country by the Chinese Communist Party.

The economic neo-colonialism policies conducted by the belligerent Chinese Communist Party has enslaved much of Africa as of July 2011.

In Zimbabwe, genocidal dictator Robert Mugabe made trade deals with Beijing under the premise that land, mining rights and profits would revert back to Zimbabwe’s impoverished population. The preceding sentence and link goes to an article on the BBC News Web site titled, “Zimbabwe profits from mining rights.” By reading the article, you will see nothing could be farther from the truth, and THE LAST COLUMNIST believes BBC News used the title tongue-in-cheek.

Mugabe lied to his impoverished people.

As Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth is exploited, profits go back to Mugabe and Beijing, but Zimbabwe’s people continue to plunge deeper into poverty.

Mugabe practices his own policy of genocide against his detractors to maintain his grip on power and to keep his slave masters in Beijing happy.

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