Evidence suggests Beijing orchestrated this Geopolitical Event. According to reports, a deep-sea research vessel detected sonar pings deep…

THE LAST COLUMNIST dismisses all previous claims of an Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear catastrophe conspiracy without more evidence. It recognizes the possibility, especially by the Chinese Communist Party, but incompetent engineering combined with a natural disaster probably explains the nuclear nightmare unfolding in Japan. Boring, yes. Gut feeling of THE LAST COLUMNIST? No. But gut feelings don’t cut it.

The facts– An earthquake occurred in the northwestern Pacific Ocean: one of hundreds around the world in one week– the end of a known fact.

THE LAST COLUMNIST still believes people have the First Amendment right to know what others discuss, whether or not government-sponsored news organizations care to report it. If you can find the original article bouncing through Outer Space then more power to you.

As far as Earthquakes go, perhaps the change in pressure from deep-sea oil drilling also causes stress in the Earth’s crust. Oil drilling removes oil holding sediment in place. Sometimes it’s held in place for millions of years. Recent deep-sea oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Brazil could have relevance to Haiti’s Earthquake. When humans drill to empty  large spaces filled with oil, a living planet tries to fill in the hole. Other humans suffer the consequences.

As with the so-called BP Deepwater Horizon accident, people will profit billions of dollars from this natural disaster.

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