China leadership transfer complete

Nov. 15— Xi Jinping is the new leader of China’s elite ruling class of genocidal maniacs.

Hu Jintao gave Xi the keys to systematic genocide and slavery this week, as the Chinese Communist Party’s 18th National Party Congress transferred power to a new generation of despots.

“Xi the Infidel” will attempt to export China’s communist policy of totalitarian rule throughout the world— a policy based on state-sponsored terrorism, human rights violations, the torture of political prisoners, forced sterilization and abortion, the slaughter of Tibet’s indigenous population and environmental destruction.

The CCP consolidated power by reducing the Politburo Standing Committee from nine to seven members. This action tightens its iron fist style of rule.

In its diabolical quest for world domination, the CCP will continue to exploit China’s slave labor population to fund its primary mission as the challenger to U.S. hegemonic rule. Bipolarity between the U.S. and China, as it existed between the U.S. and Soviet Union for 40 years, is not the CCP’s goal.

The CCP does not seek regional hegemonic status.

It seeks to eliminate American primacy, dismantle American hegemonic rule  and stake its claim as the sole hegemon in a Chinese Communist Party controlled unipolar world.

This plan began with the economic colonization (neo-colonialism) of countries doing business with the U.S. as well as the economic colonization of the U.S.

As soon as the CCP has built enough aircraft carriers and submarines to enforce its goal of world domination, the final stage of global enslavement and genocide will follow.

New leadership will intensify South China claim

The CCP’s new leadership will escalate its belligerent territorial claim on the South China Sea’s vast oil, natural gas and mineral reserves. Xi Jinping’s absence during U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s meeting with Hu and other members of China’s Old Guard is proof.

The following is an excerpt from a September article by THE LAST COLUMNIST titled, “US diplomacy fails: South China Sea dispute escalates.”

Critical geopolitical analysis of Xi’s absence during Clinton’s visit brought two questions to mind:

1. Did his absence mean China’s territorial claims to the South China Sea’s vast energy reserves are not up for future negotiations when Xi takes command of the Chinese Communist Party?

2. Was Xi’s absence due to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) power struggle?

THE LAST COLUMNIST views Xi’s absence as a symbolic snub of American diplomatic gestures to peacefully resolve the South China Sea conflict. It implied China’s claim on the South China Sea is not up for negotiation when Xi takes control of China’s enslaved population.

Due to the CCP’s belief in the “Declinist Theory,” which argues United States primacy is in decline, China has become the main challenger to American hegemonic superiority and “unipolarity” in a post-Cold War world. Of course, as argued by THE LAST COLUMNIST, the world is in the midst of the Second Cold War: China vs. the U.S.

China’s challenge will lead to an explosive military confrontation between China and U.S. allies, which will require military intervention by the United States. In the end, the CCP infidels will learn who is boss.

Is violence the solution?

It is more than evident China’s territorial claims are not up for diplomatic discussion. Diplomacy with psychopaths is a foreign policy failure. Violence only understands violence, and the genocidal Chinese Communist Party holds on to power by using physical violence and psychological warfare.

Since the diplomatic mission failed to make any progress, as if China had any intentions of budging on the disputed territories, China has stepped up its naval presence in the South China Sea, as well as the East China Sea after Japan bought islands (claimed by China) near an undersea natural gas field.

For more information on Secretary of State Clinton’s visit and increased tensions in the South China Sea, visit this link to the New York Times.

For more on China vs. Japan in the East China Sea, visit BBC News.

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