Please People, If You Are Hungry You Go To Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana

Why are you people coming to a complete stop in Shipshewana to eat at a restaurant? Drive right past the Blue Gate and go into Middlebury. The Blue Gate is good food but Das Dutchman Essenhaus is the place for me to go my friends. By the car or bus load they have room for you. Multiple floors with dining halls that can accommodate everybody. There is restaurant style menu ordering or family style cooking for large groups in the banquet style dining halls.

Take in the atmosphere and have the best meal you have had in a long time in their restaurant. Roast Beef the way long dead Grandmother’s used to cook it. You won’t want to see an Arby’s for the rest of your life. Turkey sandwiches and hamburgers on their homemade buns of course. Homemade bread and dinner rolls right out of their oven, not out of a freezer after traveling across the state in a truck. After eating all that food you can walk through the gift shop hallways leading to the Bakery. Prepare to add two notches to your belt by just walking in and looking around here my friends.

Don’t let the prices scare you away, yes everything appears expensive. You must remember everything you see is made the way it used to be made. Homemade recipes used for handmade bread, pies, dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls. Do not leave here empty handed, the expense is worth it. Be smart and remember to take a large cooler for your food purchases, you will end up using it.

Take a walk around The Village Shops with your family and forget about all the world’s problems. Before you leave commercial Amish Country don’t forget to stray off the State Highway system for a drive down some country roads. Drive carefully watching out for horse and wagon, stop at roadside  sales and talk to the real Amish people. Or don’t. Your business. Enjoy your visit if you go, we did.