Stop in Shipshewana and Middlebury Indiana

Indiana, U.S.A.- Thank you for stopping in this slow part of the world with me. I recently ended up in Shipshewana, Indiana, Amish country while researching a story about the lost colony of Roanoke.

Amish shun electricity and other modern conveniences. Transportation is mostly by horse and buggy.

This region has maintained it’s heritage and become a destination point for millions of tourists every year.

I recommend you stop at the Galarina Folk Arts studio for a real local Amish art experience, located at Morton and Depot Street. You can also view an extensive collection of works for sale by artist Will Moses (Grandma’s great grandson). Will Moses visits the gallery for 2 art shows a year. The Galarina owner is well versed in regards to the art he sells so ask him  every question you have about Moses. I hit him with questions and he still didn’t kick me out of his gallery. You should have heard the questions. The website for the gallery is-

When in Shipshewana, don’t forget to stop at Yoder’s General Store and the Menno-Hof Museum. Yoder’s has souvenirs, groceries, clothing, boots, and rare merchandise from yesteryear. The Menno-Hof Museum teaches Amish and Mennonite history, including the persecution they faced throughout history. Accomplishments and  future expectation are also presented.

Consider driving a few back roads to see or visit the roadside shops and bake sales out in front of the real Amish Houses. .

das dutchman's essenhausEnjoy the scenic drive to Middlebury and stop to eat at Das Dutchman’s Essenhaus for the best old-school Amish Homestyle Cooking. HOMEMADE EVERYTHING. There’s a 150-seat main restaurant with tables and booths for small groups from 1 – 10. Das Dutchman’s Essenhaus has two large banquet areas. They can serve up to 4,000 people a day. Group size in the Banquet areas range from a few people to hundreds around the tables. A gargauntuan gift shop and bakery is a must-see.

Middlebury, Indiana has the Village Shops for crafts and souvenirs. Look up the old white-horse-and-buggy and take a spin around the huge property surrounding Das Dutchman’s Essenhaus.

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