Voodoo, the Amish and the Missing Link

The exploitation of the Amish religion’s culture for profit isn’t as denigrating as it is for Voodoo, or as dangerous. It does exist though my friends. One of my mission statements is that I travel to bear witness to all types of Human Behavior. It turns out that I have found strange similarities between the Amish religion and the Midnight Voodoo ritual religion in the lands of Haiti and Mother Africa. The way these two entities practice their religion couldn’t be farther apart. Cultural upheaval roots being the same, one religion is considered less controversial to witness while being practiced, I am sorry to report

The similarities in both cultures are based on the fact that they are  denominations of Christianity. One is a break away group from a group of Protestant break aways. The other group practices elements of Roman Catholicism mixed with native spiritual beliefs after breaking away from people trying to enslave them.
In their native lands the daily lifestyles are similar when it comes to no electricity, the use of well water and no modern conveniences. Of course one group lives this way by choice with a government to protect them and provide for them if necessary.

The other group lives in misery with no modern conveniences because their corrupt governments keep them in poverty. They turn to their religion for hope in the face of the government’s abuse and neglect. Have I found another similarity to all of us? In my opinion Shipshewana has been turned into a sideshow by non Amish investors that seek to profit by exploiting the once simple life of the Amish religion. On the subject of exploitation, the same thing is seen by any tourist caught in Haiti, and it is always showtime in New Orleans, Louisiana when it comes to the exploitation of Religious symbols

The only thing I could think of doing while in Shipshewana was shake my head at what it has become in the last twenty years. I’m wondering when the World Famous Flea Market will be under the roof of an extension of a Walmart parking lot. Maybe there isn’t a story here and I’m just trying to get E-mails from Amish and Voodoo lovers that don’t like the comparison. This article’s headline spoke of Voodoo, the Amish and the Missing Link. I wrote about Voodoo and the Amish. As for the Missing Link, it is still there my friends.