Day At The Races: Pinnacle Race Course In Detroit – By: Swayback Sam

There’s nothing like watching the horses run on a Friday afternoon in the woods west of Detroit. Good thing I ran into a friend of mine named Greg, he is the co-owner of a racehorse named Island Heart stabled at Pinnacle. I started talking and missed the window for the third race. My money would have been on the 5 horse but this number 8 horse pictured to the right came in at 24/1.

Below are some pictures showing him running away from the field when he turned for home. He ran  so fast,  when I panned my camera out at the wire, I only had a picture of the wire. I snapped two pictures in a row, one had nothing and then the 5 horse appeared on the second picture. I will have some pictures of  Greg’s horse back in the stables with updates on his racing career for people to follow.

Pinnacle Race Course is the friendliest Horse Racing Track you will ever find. I don’t know if the track owner pays these people $100 an hour or if they are just happy with the brand new surroundings. It is a new track with plenty of room,  and real restaurant style food service with a bar. I have no complaints about any of my visits and I thank the owners for building the track and leaving the trees.