Arab Spring or Beijing Coup? China colonizes Egypt

BACKGROUND: Egypt President Mohamed “The Puppet” Morsi next to CCP imperialist leader Hu Jintao

Sept. 10, 2012— Egypt President Mohamed “The Puppet” Morsi visited Beijing to thank his slave masters for installing him as president.

Morsi pledged support for China’s genocidal policies in Africa while meeting with imperialist leader Hu Jintao and members of the Chinese Communist Party’s Standing Committee.

They finalized China’s plan for the economic colonization of Egypt in exchange for China’s role in overthrowing the U.S.-backed government. Enslavement of every Egyptian deemed “worthy to live” by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will proceed this geopolitical event.

How and why did it happen? Destabilize the West through economic and territorial colonization

As THE LAST COLUMNIST reported in May 2011, the so-called “democracy movements” in Egypt, Libya and the Middle East had roots in CCP propaganda techniques used to overthrow regimes doing business with the West.

CCP propaganda agents ran fraudulent “Pro Democracy” chatter across carefully manipulated Facebook and Twitter pages in Egypt and other countries. Communist propaganda, disguised as democracy movements, stirred up well-founded discontent among local populations. The ruling governments were challenged and toppled.

Newly installed government puppets like Mohamed Morsi— who benefited from the power shift— owe the CCP. China needs direct access to North African oil, water and mineral rights for economic expansion, as well as better access to cheap labor and export markets.

Geopolitical analysis given by THE LAST COLUMNIST in 2011 finds credence in an August 29, 2012, article appearing in The New York Times. The following “blockquote” is from the article:

“In the clearest sign yet that Egypt is keen to bolster bilateral ties with China, the country’s newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, arrived in China this week to hold talks with his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, and other senior officials,” (NYT).

The CCP installed governments in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere that would be politically and economically hostile to the United States. By economically colonizing countries conducting business with the U.S., China acts as a challenger to American hegemonic superiority by eliminating American revenue sources, destabilizing the U.S. economy, putting America deeper into debt and reducing its ability to fund the American Military-Industrial Complex. China can’t win a direct military confrontation with the United States.

A dictator like Mubarak isn’t someone to keep in power, but which “mother country” conducts business with the new “transitional colonial” administrator of Egypt? Previous dictatorships conducted business with the United States. The newly installed governments will cater to the most brutal, despotic government officials in human history: Chinese Communist Party puppeteers in Beijing. Genocide will follow human and environmental exploitation, as it did in CCP-controlled Sudan.

This is the Second Cold War: China vs. the U.S.

Strategic Goals of the Chinese Communist Party in Africa

In North Africa, the CCP desires cheap labor and export markets, but more importantly, it needs DIRECT ACCESS to Libya’s oil and Egypt’s projected mineral reserves, cotton production and the Nile River. Incoming Chinese hydro-electric dam projects with “Technical Advisers” mean water and population control throughout Egypt.

The Nile’s vast lifeline is key to human manipulation. The Aswan High Dam allows the Egyptian Government to control agricultural production and water practices. If new dams spring up along the Egyptian Nile as well as the Blue and White Nile in Sudan and Ethiopia, nobody will benefit but the CCP.
With anti-American political forces seizing power in Egypt, the CCP has human exploitation, environmental destruction and population control on tap.

The Chinese Communists exploited the Sudan with starvation but can’t tap the White and Blue Nile without an unstable government’s permission in downstream Egypt.

The CCP began colonization and occupation of Africa years ago under the guise of economic support and to build inferior hydro-electric dam projects. Endless “technical advisers” and hundreds of thousands of chinese citizens enter African countries to complete colonization and to occupy territory to support the CCP’s inferior hydro-electric dam projects.

Based on the infamous Three Gorges Dam blueprints, they plunder natural resources and devastate the environment. Profits, political control and power go hand-in-hand back to Beijing.

Recently, the CCP negotiated a suspicious South American hydro-electric dam project. Construction continues on a multiple-step, hydro-electric dam project along Africa’s mighty Congo River. But the Grand Inga Dam situation in Mid Africa must also wait it’s turn. North Africa is this month’s topic.

Sudan’s Darfur region showcased the CCP’s genocide by proxy policy in Africa. Puppet governments used starvation or forced relocation of nomads and villagers to claim land and mineral rights. Displaced Natives traced roots back to the beginning of time. It’s all done to steal mineral wealth waiting far beneath burned-out huts and dead camels.

The CCP mines and exports Africa’s mineral deposits back to slave labor manufacturing complexes in China.

The world media called on the United States to feed what they marketed as local political genocide in Sudan’s Darfur region. When in actuality, it represented systematic genocide waged from Beijing. The U.S. probably borrowed money from the Chinese Communist Party to feed whoever the communists couldn’t starve to death.

What plans does the Chinese Communist Party have for North Africa? Look at the Sudan, Somalia, and Central/Mid Africa to see what’s left in its wake. Africa’s economic colonization by the Chinese Communist Party puts Capitalist Neo-Colonialism theory to shame.

THE LAST COLUMNIST charges the Chinese Communist Party with conducting systematic genocide in Africa, especially in Sudan’s Darfur region, as a prelude to global genocide.

Also from May 2011: THE LAST COLUMNIST reminds people to question how news organizations market geopolitical events. Watch to see who or what rises to the top in North Africa and the Middle East and who they are loyal to in the end. –THE LAST COLUMNIST WAS RIGHT.

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