China: ‘Innocent blood demands no delay for US gun control’

Jan. 2013— Genocide Incorporated is demanding stricter U.S. gun control laws for Americans.

The hypocritical demand published in Beijing’s state-controlled propaganda rag, “Xinhua,” reveals the genocidal Chinese Communist Party’s attempt to interfere with the internal dynamics of the United States following the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Conn: ”Their blood and tears demand no delay for the U.S. gun control,” as published by the CCP’s official Xinhua News Agency.

Genocide King

The Xinhua article on gun control and “American massacres” comes from the descendants of the Genocide King: Mao Zedong.

Imperialist China’s elite ruling class of genocidal maniacs (AKA The Chinese Communist Party and Genocide Inc.) has no right to comment on “massacres” in the United States. Mao’s Human Slaughterhouse has operated 24-hours-a-day since 1949.

China’s government, administered by the ideologically brain damaged descendants of Mao’s genocidal gene pool, uses guns, starvation, public executions, forced sterilizations and mandatory abortions as forms of population control and human eradication.

Gun control in China is the foundation for the CCP’s ability to maintain absolute power.

Imperialist China uses its state-controlled media outlets to brainwash Chinese citizens and dictate domestic policy to the United States. Gun control in the U.S., or the elimination of guns owned by American citizens, will aid China’s future foreign policy. The CCP is using the recent shootings as political propaganda tools. It hopes to eventually disarm Americans for future conquest.

The Second Amendment revisited

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (the right to bear arms) was put in place to guarantee American citizens would have the ability to protect themselves from tyrannical governments: foreign and domestic. As stated, the CCP wants to disarm Americans.

Visit completed.

Birds of a class-warfare feather or coincidence?

The CCP’s domestic policies, which mandate and encourage generational and class-based genocide, have led to the wholesale slaughter of no less than 300 million innocent Chinese citizens since 1949. The human slaughter count includes systematic starvation and forced abortions.

Of course, the policies that define Mao’s Human Slaughterhouse, especially the government mandated sterilizations and abortions of those that the elite ruling class deem unworthy to reproduce, are well-received by the zero and negative population growth crowd in the United States and around the world. China’s one-child, sterilization and abortion policies are similar to the goals set by America’s Planned Parenthood crowd.

Planned Parenthood is a product of America’s early-20th-century eugenics programs, where one class of people believed they had the right to decide which members of the population had the right to reproduce. These programs targeted the poorest members of the white and black races as well as those deemed to have low levels of intelligence or little ability to contribute to (the elite ruling class’) society. This is the same basis for the CCP’s sterilization and abortion policies, which is fueled by global class warfare. For those who doubt the CCP’s human eradication policies, please examine the work that caused the CCP’s persecution of Chen Guangcheng.

Off topic? No. This is about gun control, human population control, massacres, genocide and Chinese Communist Party hypocrisy.

Imperialist China’s recent call for comprehensive gun control legislation in America is one of many times it has attempted to dictate policy to the U.S. For past political incursions made by the Chinese Communist Party, please visit “China says U.S. must solve debt crisis.”

China continually warns the U.S. not to interfere with the internal politics of China when the U.S. tries to peacefully solve the Spratly Islands/South China Sea conflict, but China regularly tries to influence and dictate American public/domestic and foreign policy. China’s “demand” for U.S. gun control legislation represents the epitome of hypocrisy.

*THE LAST COLUMNIST does not comment on the internal/domestic policies of the United States. This commentary represents geopolitical analysis of China’s foreign policy and its hypocritical propaganda machine.

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