China says U.S. must solve debt crisis

August 6: Chinese Communist Party members– descendants of Dr. Genocide himself Mao Zedong– believe they can dictate U.S. policy due to Treasury bonds held in their blood-stained hands.

The CCP released a statement proclaiming the United States must stop its out-of-control spending on military and social programs, according to an article published in The New York Times today.

True goals revealed

By issuing statements on how it believes the United States should conduct business, the CCP is attempting to intervene in the internal affairs of the United States.

The CCP has no right or moral standing to dictate what it believes is appropriate U.S. policy regarding domestic affairs or defense spending just because it is the largest holder of American “debt.” In doing so, the CCP has finally revealed its true Imperialist goals of world conquest through its devious economic policy of neo-colonialism.

The CCP’s policy of controlling a country by owning its debt is well documented throughout Asia, South America and Africa (Robert Mugabe seized land in Zimbabwe under orders from debt-holder China).

Now the Chinese Communist Party is openly showing its desire to influence the internal affairs of the United States, since it is the primary debt holder.

Standard & Poor’s downgrading of America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+ plays right into CCP plans for enslaving the American population.

The CCP is enslaving the world’s population economically and hopes world conquest will follow the “blossoming flowers” of its military industrial complex

To enforce its policy of world domination by economic control, the CCP is slowly assembling its own military industrial complex. But it must get the United States military out of the way.

The CCP hopes to cripple the U.S. military economically, since it can’t defeat the U.S. on the battlefield.

China must first bankrupt the United States by financing global proxy wars against the U.S. in Egypt, Libya, the Middle East and Asia to cause increased military spending by the United States.

While dictating to the United States on why it shouldn’t pursue out-of-control debt spending on the military and social programs, China is in the midst of an out-of-control military build-up; China’s military industrial complex is financed by interest incurred on American debt and at the cost of the health and welfare of China’s innocent population.

Of course, some people argue America’s innocent population faces the same problems, since many are deprived of basic necessities due to taxpayer funding of the American military industrial complex.

But many conditions separate the human condition in these two countries: massive human rights violations, no First Amendment or any hint of a Constitution, forced abortions and sterilization of whoever the CCP deems “undesirable,” executions of innocent political prisoners to supply world markets with human organ transplants on demand, and finally the enslavement, exploitation and eventual execution of every human being disagreeing with Chinese Communist Party policy.

The solution lies within but could come from outside

In the end, the Chinese Communist Party will collapse from uprisings caused by its inability to control 1.4 billion people with ridiculous Maoist theory (enforced by a small, politically and socially ignorant elite ruling class).

Fueled by a “peasant” movement unwilling to accept slave labor conditions after they’re lured from peaceful villages with lies of a better life in a city– only to work 14-hour days while living in congested prison-like conditions on top of massive factory complexes– the exploited workers will join a discontented youth movement to overthrow the most arrogant and disgraceful members of the world’s elite ruling class: the Chinese Communist Party.

With no freedom, hope for self-determination and a growing lack of necessities due to communist-elite ruling class funding of its military industrial complex for world domination, an American-style revolution is inevitable.

Genocide, Paranoia and Espionage

Mao ruled by genocide, and the CCP is losing its grip. The population explosion makes it harder to keep up with political indoctrination or executions.

Anti-Chinese Communist Party activists operating worldwide were targeted by the recent global cyber attacks perpetrated by the CCP. The CCP focused on defense and manufacturing technology found in countries like India and the United States, but the CCP also hacked computers owned by anti-CCP activists due to the Party’s extreme (and well-founded) paranoia.

The days are numbered for those who cause environmental destruction and inflict human misery-for-profit on the world’s population. That statement could refer to most of the world’s governments.

In reality, does the United States have a debt crisis?

Who does the U.S. really owe? Countries like Japan, the United Kingdom and others bought U.S. Treasury bonds with money the United States sent as foreign aid to prop them up following World War II. These countries never paid back the money.

And President Nixon went to China in 1972 in hopes of gaining a business ally by exploiting the territorial and nuclear rift between the CCP and the old Soviet Union.

As evident by the passage of time, Nixon’s trip to China only propped up the ailing genocidal maniac Mao Zedong and his medieval Chinese Communist Party. Nixon took the U.S. off the Gold Standard to satisfy the long range economic plans of the CCP, the (United States) Federal Reserve and the World Bank (system).

As I have always said, Nixon never should have taken the United States off the Gold Standard to satisfy the agendas of international banking institutions.

NOW WHAT? President Obama can solve the U.S. debt crisis with the flight of one B-52.

But once you RECOGNIZE who is really running the show, you will know why that B-52 will never fly again for Duty, Honor, Country. They only fly now to secure somebody’s profit margin.


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