China’s aircraft carriers, Taiwan and World War III

Dec. 15 update: Southeast Asia and the Spratly Islands face the full onslaught of Chinese Communist Party territorial claims, as China prepares its new aircraft carrier fleet for World War III.

First picture of China’s aircraft carrier during sea trials. Visit BBC News for latest information.

Nov. 24 UPDATE: China begins Pacific Navy Exercises.

Original analysis by THE LAST COLUMNIST:

July 2011– The Chinese Communist Party”s “Shi Lang” aircraft carrier is actually part of an “in-your-face” staged propaganda ploy to deter Western intelligence services from discovering the rest of China’s future fleet of aircraft carriers.

The CCP has not only completed construction of the Soviet-era aircraft carrier hull they purchased, now named the “Shi Lang,” but also back-engineered the vessel, resulting in 6 more aircraft carriers near completion in and around China’s northeastern port of Tianjin.

Through the use of elaborate sheet metal camouflage techniques, the additional 6 aircraft carriers under construction appear as dry-docked oil-tankers and container ships going through a restoration process.

Once construction and sea trials of the aircraft carriers are successfully completed, the CCP will launch a massive carrier task force– including a submarine fleet. The CCP will use this globe-trotting arsenal to lay claim to Taiwan, the Spratly Islands, and eventually the world.

Deceptive practices and true goals of the Chinese Communist Party

A “private company,” financed by the CCP, bought the hull of an unfinished Soviet aircraft carrier under the guise of turning it into a peaceful floating casino.

Now this same hull has materialized as the “Shi Lang,” the first aircraft carrier in the Chinese Communist Party’s ever-increasing arsenal to wage war and enslave the world’s remaining population.

When operational, the ship will be used to reinforce the CCP’s territorial claims on Taiwan as well as strategic trade routes around the Spratly Island group in Vietnam’s Eastern Sea (AKA South China Sea).

The CCP’s primary mission in the Eastern Sea is to secure future access to the vast natural resources under the Spratly Islands: oil and mineral reserves are currently unreachable due to technological limitations regarding oil and mineral exploration far beneath the ocean floor.

For more on the CCP’s belligerent claim to the Spratly Islands, please refer to an earlier update by THE LAST COLUMNIST titled, “The Spratly Islands and World War III” by clicking here.

The CCP intends to cut off global shipping lanes and create an economic strangle hold on the United States by eliminating or taxing free trade routes on the high-seas.

To understand the rationale behind the CCP’s naval strategy, one must first understand the history of warfare on the high-seas and basic theories of Imperialism in conjunction with economic neo-colonialism.

Alfred Thayer Mahan and his book The Influence of Sea Power Upon History

A book published in the 19th-century lends clues to the reasons behind the CCP’s desire for this unnecessary naval expansion: During the 1800s, U.S. Naval Officer and historian Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, which explains the success of the British Empire’s policy of Imperialism from 1688 through the 19th-century; The British Empire had a large navy, enabling the British to rule trade routes and colonize the world.

High-ranking members of the blood-thirsty and imperialistic Chinese Communist Party read The Influence of Sea Power– just like Adolf Hitler and Japanese naval officers read it during the first part of the 20th-century, which led to World War II.

The CCP has only one reason to build an aircraft carrier fleet such as the one in production: to secure trade routes for colonization and the enslavement of every human being on Earth.

The 5-Phase Master Plan of the Chinese Communist Party

The belligerent Chinese Communist Party is nearing Phase 3 of a 5-Phase master plan to enslave the world’s population:

PHASE 1: political control and enslavement of the Chinese population (1.4 billion people);

PHASE 2: neo-colonialism through economic control of foreign governments (the Chinese Communist Party is behind the uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, etc…. Although brutal dictatorships, nothing can prepare these African and Middle Eastern populations for the brutality they will face under Chinese Communist Party rule). By overthrowing or manipulating all governments conducting direct business with the United States, the CCP hopes to make it impossible for the U.S. to generate revenue and pay for military spending.

PHASE 3: military conquest of the high-seas to control trade routes to and from newly acquired colonies (aircraft carrier and submarine warfare);

PHASE 4: final elimination of all governments opposed to Chinese Communist Party rule;

PHASE 5: total enslavement of the world’s remaining population.

The implementation of PHASE 3 in the western Pacific and Indian Oceans will give the United States no choice but to back its remaining allies, igniting PHASE 4 and World War III. If the CCP can win PHASE 4, then PHASE 5 is only a matter of reaching every square inch on Earth with the aircraft carrier and submarine fleet playing the primary role.

Example of PHASE 2: The Chinese Communist Party has colonized Brazil

The CCP has began its colonization of South America. The New York Times has reported the CCP’s manipulation of agricultural production in Brazil; The CCP makes loans impossible for Brazilian farmers to re-pay. The CCP manipulates world markets to keep prices for corn and soybeans low, enslaving the Brazilian population.

The CCP is also sponsoring massive hydro-electric dam projects in South America to control water supplies to agricultural areas. THE LAST COLUMNIST has a brief update titled, “China colonizes Brazil.”


So far, President Barack Obama and the C.I.A. have directed a successful counter-insurgency campaign against the Chinese Communist Party in Africa and the Middle East. But the CCP has foreseen President Obama’s move on what Party members perceive as their global chess board and is attempting to stretch United States resources to the limit.

Of course, THE LAST COLUMNIST disputes the sea-worthiness of any aircraft carrier(s) put into service by the Chinese Communist Party. As with the construction of their “ghost” financial centers built as propaganda to deceive the Chinese population into believing their slave labor will someday lead to a better life, the so-called aircraft carrier(s) exist as propaganda tools to intimidate the world into following Party demands.

In the end, the Chinese Communist Party will collapse under the weight of an internal uprising, as Chinese expatriates and other anti-Communist loyalists outside China’s border stir up discontent among the enslaved population.

The Chinese Communist Party has underestimated the resolve of the resistance. Chen Guangcheng, Liu Xiaobo and the rest of the resistance will see vindication for their epic struggle, one way or another.

APRIL 28, 2011, UPDATE: Chen Guangcheng escapes CCP custody and makes way to U.S. Embassy. For more information, visit BBC News.

THE LAST COLUMNIST believes it has presented its Geopolitical Analysis in an understandable way to warn the world’s population what it faces if the Chinese Communist Party isn’t confronted immediately. President Barack Obama can solve all the world’s problems with the flight of one B-52.

And of course, in regards to World War III, many geopolitical analysts and historians believe the United States engaged in, and won, World War III during the so-called Cold War– or proxy wars– with the Soviet Union.

Now the U.S. fights the most recent communist-led Proxy War some analysts believe is World War IV: waged by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents fighting under the guise of anti-political and religious banners– the most notorious is “Al-Qaeda.”

If diplomatic games cease to exist, and the CCP finally reveals its true goals by setting sail under China’s flag, the world will actually fight World War V.



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