China’s Three Gorges Dam, environmental destruction for sale

MARCH 2012– The blueprint for Imperialist China’s Three Gorges Dam is death. Environmental destruction, geologic instability and human misery lies in its wake.

The dam is a political and military weapon built to control the population through water-supply manipulation. It also represents another instrument in the Chinese Communist Party’s master plan for world conquest through global economic colonization.

It’s used to showcase inferior dam technology for sale to developing [Third World] countries in need of hydroelectric power, perceived “water security” and low-cost technical assistance from Chinese engineers.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) built this environmental disaster under the guise of “peacefully” capturing glacial melt-water draining from the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas, as well as rainfall in China’s interior, to secure water supplies and produce hydroelectricity.

With the dam in place, the CCP controls every aspect of day-to-day life along the Yangtze River. Water shortages for farmers depending on agricultural irrigation and local residents in need of groundwater are now commonplace. The once independent population is now at the mercy of dam operators.


Reports indicate the dam has caused earthquakes upriver and water tables to drop downriver. According to a 2011 article in The New York Times, China has admitted there are problems with the Three Gorges Dam. Some analysts believe a May 2008 earthquake in Sichuan Province, which killed 87,000 people, could have resulted from geologic stress caused by weight of the water retained behind the dam.

Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism Inc.

The CCP exports hydroelectric dam technology to acquire territory for eventual economic colonization of developing countries, which become victims of neo-colonialism.

When governments in Africa, Asia and South America allow CCP “technical advisers” and laborers into their countries to build and operate dams, they lose sovereignty.

Economic colonization begins when the CCP infiltrates countries with “technical advisers,” economists, Chinese workers and CCP lobbyists. Public policy manipulation follows, as the CCP dictates domestic and foreign policy to its new subservient foreign governments.

Beijing dictates what energy, social and economic policy programs are best to get the most use out of dams built by Chinese workers in foreign countries.

Since the CCP manipulates world currency markets, these countries can’t make adequate payments to China for technical assistance.

Foreign governments resort to a barter system, as the CCP “suggests” an exchange of food supplies, unlimited access to natural resources and more territory for “debt forgiveness.” These payment methods were planned by Imperialist China long before the countries knew they needed technical assistance from the CCP. Food supplies are sent back to benefit CCP members, and natural resources like oil, natural gas and rare-earth elements are shipped back to China’s slave labor manufacturing centers for processing.

True purpose: Imperialist China’s Strategic Water Reserves

What better way to prepare for controlling the world’s population?

The CCP displaced millions of people and destroyed thousands of years of cultural/archaeological history to make way for the massive Three Gorges Dam reservoir.

By controlling the Yangtze River, the CCP controls the Chinese population by cornering the water market.

With the constant threat of worldwide drought, future international crises will stem from wars fought over water rights.

Small water wars have started, and the CCP knows the problem will get worse. It is preparing to take care of its own party members and military.

The dam will also satisfy the CCP’s thirst for worldwide conquest. When water shortages begin and water wars rage, the CCP is set to wage war while the world’s armies are in stagnation due to thirst.

Imperialist China’s strategic oil and coal reserves lie in wait, but will its strategic water reserve last long enough to quell its thirst…and is there enough water in the Yangtze River reservoir for CCP members to wash the blood from their blood-soaked hands?

The mighty Yangtze River only stays put if the dam stays in place and its sedimentary control systems stay operational….

Environmental catastrophe in the making

From an engineering and environmental standpoint, the Three Gorges Dam is a disaster. Environmental destruction caused during construction and resulting from its operation is almost beyond human comprehension.

Rising water levels and sediment building up behind the dam far exceed early computer model projections. This combination of pressure causes tremendous stress, because sediment is eroding the dam’s foundation.

Sediment building up on the reservoir side already surpassed 2020 projections and engineers don’t have a long-term solution to the problem.

The CCP continues to add dams throughout the Yangtze River’s watershed to catch sediment deposits before they arrive at the Three Gorges site– to little or no avail.

It’s inferior engineering. The downward grade of the water retained up river, at higher elevations, has long-term unforeseen hazards.

Engineers never factored in an earthquake, especially one caused by the weight of the water retained in the massive reservoir. And a small earthquake with an epicenter near the base of the dam will prove catastrophic, and one up river affecting the integrity of one or more of the support dams is just as dangerous.

Pressure from the primary reservoir is already overtaking the dam due to the laws of physics. Trillions of gallons of water shifting due to an earthquake up river will inundate the primary structure.

Yangtze River before 1987 and after 2005

The entire project is a disgrace to humanity, based on the dam’s possible military application, its incompetent engineering, ensuing environmental destruction and the human indignity brought on by the displacement of millions of people during construction.

Millions of people displaced and disrespected, thousands of years of history lost under rising water– all for the sake of future worldwide military conquest.

As stated, the blueprint for the Three Gorges Dam is death.


The poorly designed and constructed Three Gorges Dam should have remained yesterday’s dream, instead of becoming tomorrow’s nightmare.

It’s an environmental disaster and future human catastrophe in-waiting.

It’s construction wasn’t necessary, which is why it has long term military applications written all over it.

Due to incompetent engineering techniques, the Three Gorges Dam will breach causing a human catastrophe which the CCP considers a form of population control and future birth control.

Risk to human life and ecological destruction will not stop the CCP’s ambition toward worldwide domination.

The genocidal Chinese Communist Party is destroying the planet, and people must stay informed to stop the CCP.

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