North Korea leader Kim Jong-il dead

Dec. 19, 2011– Genocidal despot Kim Jong-il is fuel for the Gehenna Hell Fire. His death is an early Christmas present for the Korean peninsula.

[Dec. 27 Update follows commentary]

As a second-generation mentally deranged communist puppet, Kim Jong-il will go down in history books as a footnote in the “Despot” section chronicling communist crimes against humanity.

Kim Jong-il’s name translates to “scourge of human existence” and “genocide.” Mass starvation, forced sterilization and abortion, political execution, brainwashing and slave labor camps for population control litter the ground under his dysfunctional family tree.

His father, Kim Il Sung, came to power under “hero-worship propaganda” manufactured by the Soviet Union. The Soviets propped up the family to control the Korean peninsula.

Soviet propaganda manufactured history by claiming Kim Jong-il’s father Kim Il Sung led anti-Japanese resistance fighters during World War II. In reality, the Soviets groomed Sung after finding him cowering in a Siberian village while the Japanese occupied Korea.

All dissenters who resisted this family’s communist indoctrination faced the firing squad or slave labor camps.

What will happen to North and South Korea now that the last descendant of Soviet-style communist propaganda-launched henchmen has died?

The future of the Korean peninsula

THE LAST COLUMNIST offers an interesting perspective on what could happen next.

The Chinese Communist Party, which inherited the human wasteland known as North Korea, will be unable to control or babysit N. Korea without a functioning puppet government.

The CCP holds the strings to North Korea and would hate to lose a “domino” to the United States, but it can’t deal with the situation any further.

The CCP will ask South Korea and the United States to attend a re-unification conference. The CCP will announce it would accept a re-unified Korean peninsula, with Seoul, S. Korea, as the capital of a unified Korea, with Pyongyang as a “provincial/territorial” seat of government, as long as the U.S. military agrees to never cross north of the 38th Parallel.

And once again, the United States will pay to clean up another mess left by the Communist world.

Or Kim Jong-il’s insane son Kim Jong-un will do something idiotic like send, or threaten to send, his new military “toys” below the 38th Parallel to invade South Korea.

If an invasion happens first, it will act as a prerequisite  for a blood-stained re-unification.

Watch for the Chinese Communist Party to call for a bloodless re-unification under the guise of “peacemakers,” when in actuality, China can’t maintain the wasteland and needs a way out to prevent political embarrassment. The CCP will give up the North Korean disaster area on a short term basis while preparing for its long term goal of world domination.

It’s all a waste of time, since the Chinese Communist Party is on the verge of a complete political, economic and societal collapse due to the lies found in their fraudulent economy. This situation is discussed in a Dec. 5 update by THE LAST COLUMNIST titled, “China braces for economic collapse, social unrest.”

It all comes down to who blinks or has their eyes gouged out first.

For more information on North Korea, visit the BBC News website.

“Divine” propaganda never stops

Dec. 22 UPDATE: Communist brainwashing to promote a leader’s divinity never stops. In an attempt to claim Kim Jong-il was a gift from above, the communist machine has engineered “miraculous” signs to show the natural world is upset by the loss of North Korea’s “great leader.”

Mysterious glowing mountain-tops, done with hidden lights, and the cracking of a frozen mountain lake, accomplished with a dynamite-induced “earthquake,” have occurred to instill a belief in Kim Jong-il’s divinity on the North Korean population.

Visit a BBC News report titled, “Nature mourns…” for more on these “miraculous signs.”

Dec. 27 UPDATE: BBC News video discussing the supernatural wonders following Kim Jong-il’s death.

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