Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson arrested in Germany…

May 14, 2012 …but nobody arrests the descendants of Japan’s Imperial Navy, who masquerade as researchers to slaughter thousands of whales.

Some people call Paul Watson an Eco-terrorist for his anti-whaling campaign and environmental activism. Some people don’t call him a terrorist.

For information on Watson’s arrest, visit BBC News. For a controversial analysis on the politics of extinction, environmental destruction and “Eco-terrorism,” please continue reading….

Captain Paul Watson has become famous to younger generations due to his appearance on a television show titled, “Whale Wars,” airing on the ANIMAL PLANET channel, but his activism dates back to 1969 and the early days of Greenpeace.

Whale Wars” documents an annual war waged on the high seas around Antarctica: Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd Conservation Society vs. the Japanese whaling fleet.

Who are the real Eco-terrorists?

Are they the sons of Corporate Judas profiteers, who wage war against Creation to fetch “30 Pieces Of Silver” for slaughtering whales, crushing the skulls of baby harp seals and causing environmental destruction in the name of the industrial revolution and human achievement?

Are they the sons of Ecological Judas like Paul Watson, who wage war against the politics of extinction, environmental destruction and industrial pollution, as long as someone else funds their actions with 30-Pieces-Of-Tax-Deductible-Silver?

Does Ecological Judas have a chance to succeed when Corporate Judas has the power to influence the world’s legislative institutions and control the prison-industrial complex?

Is Corporate or Ecological Judas guilty of terrorism? Is it one group fulfilling the demands of a materialistic population and another group resisting the status quo? Do charges of “guilt” stem from correlation, causation, lies, greed, original sin, Darwinism or government-planning? Are all actions foreseen by planners, or is everything a reaction to an overwhelming, unsustainable demand for the world’s “limited” resources stemming from the human population explosion?

Are “guilty parties” primary players or insignificant pawns in a secondary global chess game based on public deception and supply-and-demand economics?

Are the world’s resources really limited, or is that part of the deception? Is the objective to deceive and distract the population with manufactured crises to create causes, so people spend time fighting each other instead of questioning their governments?

Who should be arrested over the politics of extinction?

…Environmentalists fighting environmental destruction?

…Profiteers causing it?

…The human population that demands whale, shark fins and tuna as a food source or baby harp seal fur to use as a fashion statement?

…The human population whose existence causes wildlife habitat destruction, natural resource depletion, as well as irreversible agricultural and industrial pollution due to an unsustainable population explosion?

Is it a lost cause to even care anymore?

Who calls someone like Paul Watson an Eco-terrorist? What are their motivations and business interests? Who doesn’t call him a terrorist? What are their motivations and business interests? Is Watson a self-proclaimed Eco-terrorist? Do some research. Weigh all sides, or not.

Who are the hacks, liars or ignoramuses? Who cares?

Decide for yourself. Is Paul Watson a terrorist, hero or tragic figure?

Perhaps none of it matters.

If you weigh the evidence, Corporate Judas profiteers fit the true definition of ecological terrorists, and Paul Watson fits Oswald Spengler’s definition of a tragic figure.

Why waste “valuable” time typing this update? Maybe to act as an observer presenting all sides through the eyes of participants. What does any of this have to do with the headline? Perhaps everything.

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