President Obama, AFRICOM, to battle Lord’s Resistance Army, Kony

Oct. 15– President Obama deployed 3,000 military advisers in Oct. 2011, to fight the Chinese Communist Party-backed Lord’s Resistance Army in Africa.

Imperialist China destabilizes Africa with terrorism and genocide to conquer territory with the most horrific style of neo-colonialism.



LRA purpose, funding…Follow the Money and Rare-Earth Elements, people

Primary funding for operations conducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army comes from China through Sudan, home of the Darfur region, and other puppet states where the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) reigns like Satan in Hell.

Lord's Resistance Army Leader Joseph Kony

The CCP has instituted its deplorable policy of systematic genocide for population control in African countries like Sudan (and its Darfur region).

By exterminating or dispersing local populations with terrorism, the CCP is free to exploit and steal rare-earth elements and other natural resources to export back to slave labor factories in China.

For example, Sudan transfers CCP funds to organizations like the Lord’s Resistance Army. LRA members conduct terror operations in central African nations around Lake Victoria and along the Congo to disrupt, disperse and destroy local villagers, so the CCP can extract natural resources.

The CCP finances organizations such as the LRA to further the Chinese Communist Party’s “International Imperialist Initiative.” The CCP also finances terror campaigns conducted by other African puppet dictators like Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe.

LRA crimes

The Lord’s Resistance Army terrorizes Africa’s population by mutilating and slaughtering innocent men, women and children.

Some women and children are turned into LRA sex slaves or sold on the world’s black market. Children whose lives are spared by the Lord’s Resistance Army become unwilling soldiers after watching their families murdered in front of them.

Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony has become the subject of an international manhunt for orchestrating these crimes against humanity.

[In northern Africa's computer and technologically advanced cities, the CCP uses "Manchurian Candidate" style social media techniques to stage fake political uprisings, which take countries from dictatorships backed by the U.S. and turns them into the most brutal form of despotism ever devised by humans-- a genocidal government system administered by the distant Chinese Communist Party.]

U.S. military operation is part of AFRICOM to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s colonization and genocidal exploitation of Africa

The CCP’s plan to conquer the world– the International Imperialist Initiative– was established during a Chinese Communist Party Central Committee meeting after Deng Xiaoping seized control in 1978.

The United States’ AFRICOM project is a counter insurgency initiative set up many years ago to confront and stop the CCP from finalizing its economic colonization of the African continent.

Official news reports say “100 U.S. military advisers” were deployed against the Lord’s Resistance Army, but the number of U.S. Special Forces and C.I.A. counter-insurgency military advisers in east-central Africa is more than 3,000 [specially trained American soldiers and foreign mercenaries-- according to reports coming in from staging areas in South Sudan, Kenya and an Ugandan village near Lake Victoria].

The official U.S. government announcement is a necessity to avoid an embarrassing situation when an entrenched “shadow” soldier is inevitably discovered in the area.

The foundation for the CCP’s 3I success is based on seizing the world’s natural resources through the economic colonization of every country (almost complete).

Survivors of the Lord's Resistance Army

The CCP makes loans to governments, and through currency manipulation, it devalues the world’s commodities markets making it impossible to pay back the loans.

After economic enslavement of governments, which turns local officials into Chinese Communist Party puppets, the CCP enslaves or destroys the human population with terrorism and systematic genocide (by murder and starvation) to seize native land and natural resources. Survivors (or resistors) face political indoctrination or a gruesome death at the hands of local puppet governments.

Chinese Communist Party goals have almost been accomplished in Africa, but it is facing tough resistance due to the U.S. AFRICOM project. The CCP has already started its economic colonization of Brazil and other South American countries, so it wasn’t prepared for such resistance in Africa.

For more information on the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and the Congo region from conventional media outlets, which usually follow official government press releases, visit the BBC News website and explore more links revealing the history of the Lord’s Resistance Army.

For information on Sudan’s role in funding the Lord’s Resistance Army, visit this specific link to BBC News.

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