South China Sea, Spratly Islands dispute escalates

April 9– Filipino and American forces conduct joint military exercises in solidarity against Imperialist China trespassing in the South China Sea.

President Obama is confronting Chinese communist aggression by increasing the United States’ military presence in the western Pacific from the Philippines to Australia.

The show of force is a polite reminder to the belligerent and genocidal Chinese Communist Party that its illegal claim to the vast untapped natural resources discovered under the South China Sea and Spratly Islands is a threat to U.S. national security.

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President Obama’s foreign policy is the same used by the last 11 U.S. Presidents: communist containment.

The Chinese Communist Party faces a humiliating and debilitating confrontation (with the U.S. military) if it attempts to close international trade routes or prevent Vietnam and the Philippines from developing legally claimed territory in the South China Sea.

The Philippines’ government hopes an increased U.S. military presence will prevent a violent confrontation between the Philippines and Chinese Communist Party naval forces.

[For the full history and in-depth geopolitical analysis of the South China Sea and Spratly Islands conflict, visit the following April 23, 2012 update by THE LAST COLUMNIST: "CHINA PREPARES FOR WAR OVER SOUTH CHINA SEA, SPRATLY ISLANDS."]

The U.S., Imperialist China, World War III (and why the Spratly Islands?)

Many geopolitical analysts believe the region could become the flashpoint for World War III, due to its vast oil and natural gas reserves located beneath the ocean floor.

Conservative estimates put the reserves at 25-million tons– more than the combined reserves of Kuwait and Nigeria.

These natural resources, crucial for meeting the world’s energy needs for decades, if not centuries, are currently unattainable due to a lack of technology. No less than six countries lay claim to the region in anticipation of technological advances that will turn exploration into full-scale extraction of these natural resources.

The country that enforces its claim will profit and control vast energy supplies, as well as shipping lanes vital to world trade. The CCP hopes to block out the United States and cut off the natural resources and shipping lanes from the world.

China makes an absurd claim to the Spratly Islands, saying the region lies in ancestral waters. The island group sits 700 miles from mainland China, which makes the CCP’s territorial claim outrageous.

Recently, the Philippines intercepted Chinese “commercial fishing boats” whose occupants claimed they were harmless fishermen from the island of Hainan off the southern coast of China. Evidence shows the boats could not have made the 600-mile trip to the Spratly’s without assistance from Chinese Communist Party naval forces.

The fishermen are believed to be CCP agents. After their arrest, China’s embassy bailed them out of jail, and they disappeared.

China’s occupation forces aid in surveillance of the disputed region, but most of all, they are present to claim the territory as “occupied” to use as legal arguments regarding international law debated in the United Nations.


Vietnam also reports Chinese Communist Party belligerence on the rise. According to BBC News, CCP saboteurs cut cables on a Vietnamese geological survey ship in the hotly contested South China Sea (AKA Eastern Sea and West Philippine Sea).

Please visit BBC News for the full story on these geopolitical events in the South China Sea.

The link discusses conflicts between China, Vietnam and the Philippines and the ramshackle structures the Chinese Communist Party has constructed on reefs and small islands to house CCP agents.

For more information on joint military exercises between the Philippines and the U.S., visit this BBC News link.

*For the full history and in-depth geopolitical analysis of the South China Sea and Spratly Islands conflict, visit this January update by THE LAST COLUMNIST: “CHINA PREPARES FOR WAR OVER SOUTH CHINA SEA, SPRATLY ISLANDS.

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