SPACE REPORTS: Discussion of Intercepting Asteroids and Comets Hurdling Towards Earth

The Russians want to intercept and deflect an Earth-bound asteroid, Apophis, discovered by Russia’s Space Agency.


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They believe it is on a collision course with Earth. The asteroid, named Apophis and estimated to be 900 feet across, has a small chance of crossing Earth’s orbit by the year 2036 based on NASA computer models.

Deflection is a good idea in theory if necessary, but it has to be executed perfectly with military action.

Destruction is the best idea.

The first argument for intercepting an asteroid for the purpose of complete destruction is whether to use conventional or nuclear methods. It’s probably best to launch a nuclear armed missile from Earth into space or from the International Space Station after assembling the warhead in space.

Can you safely transport inert materials to the space station, assemble the warheads there, and launch from the station? Launching from the space station is the best idea.

But consider the fate of human population if a catastrophic launch failure occurs within the Earth’s atmosphere– while carrying a nuclear payload measured in megatons.

Scientists must decide if the object is big enough to cause a catastrophe. Is it the Grandaddy of all asteroids? Will it split the Earth in half, or will it make a small or big splash in the Pacific Ocean if it can’t be destroyed in Space?

Method to stop “cosmic insurrection.”

There is only one way to respond to such an insurrection: overkill.

You must send at least 10 warheads for the initial demolition and be prepared to detonate up to 20 more warheads in the event of failure or large debris sent in a new trajectory.

The order of detonation for the initial 10 warheads would be one warhead aimed dead center with 4 detonating simultaneously on the corners just in front of the approaching asteroid, followed 2 seconds later by 5 more detonations spread out like a shotgun blast.

The secondary blast should push initial-impact debris away from a crossover trajectory- stopping forward momentum carrying the debris over the initial blast and continuing on its path towards Earth.

The risk to human life on Earth is too great not to attempt an all out assault on an asteroid or comet ‘insurrection’. The nations of the world have to co-operate and use all available resources to intercept cosmic objects moving towards our planet.

Nuclear weapons are the best solution. The United States should always lead the way in this field. Start with drawing up a new treaty for better co-operation in scientific research and military applications.

Before an “international space war” can be fought against incoming asteroids or comets, they must first be found by researching outer space. When it comes to research, all countries have to work together to fight this cosmic threat since the arrival of an unwanted object from deep space would cause a chain of devastating Geopolitical Events.


They can all be stopped in outer space if the United States works with Russia and other countries to properly scan the entire sky. Only a small portion of Space has been surveyed for objects that might be moving on a collision course with Earth. Asteroid or comet “insurrection” is one of the most imminent threats to Human life.

You can’t predict loss of life from a war if two countries insist they must fight. Incoming asteroids and comets come with a guarantee to cause massive loss of life if a defense plan isn’t put into place.

Research and development of a fully operational defense system against dangerous space objects does require the scientific co-operation of multiple countries, which is a fundamental problem.

These countries are usually fighting Proxy Wars against each other in places like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Korean Peninsula. So have fun organizing that nightmare opening roundtable discussion. It will take 5 years to decide where to put the table.

Or don’t do anything about an asteroid. Maybe there is nothing to worry about since some people say the Russians just want somebody to send them money. NASA says no chance of a collision.

But what about asteroids that haven’t been discovered yet? You figure out the significance or importance. I write this as an exchange of information and thought. As usual, I leave the technicalities to physicists, engineers and governments. Something to think about Ladies and Gentlemen, or not.

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